The fear, the monotony, the walls, the hierarchy, the system.

It’s time for something new. Inspiration Corporation specializes in applying improv techniques, through the concept of YES, AND.

Is it funny? Yes, and it can be serious, dramatic, transformational, and breakthrough.

Why Improv for Business?

Faced with ever-changing, demands, threats, and opportunities, organizations must be agile flexible, and creative in their approach to problem solving. Developing these skills in executives and teams is the core of the improvisational training and coaching techniques used by the Inspiration Corporation.

Improvisation doesn't have many rules but there is one cardinal rule, "Yes and..." Agreement and addition. Without this simple philosophy you cannot create. I say, "Here we are on the moon." You say, "No we're in Pittsburgh." End of creativity.

More and more, "Yes and..." is being used in business, especially brainstorming. Getting out of your own way and being open to anything is very freeing and astonishingly productive.

Using workshop techniques initiated by the esteemed Second City theater (famous alumni include Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, John and Jim Belushi and many more.) Inspiration Corporation works with individuals and teams to strengthen communication, improve presentation and facilitation skills, and foster innovation for and creativity.

What We do

Inspiration Corporation implements improv for business techniques to stimulate energies, ideas, and reverence.


Skits and Custom Scenes
Stimulate the energy of your group. Whether your team is in the midst of an annual planning session, corporate retreat, or client entertainment initiative; Inspiration Corporation can develop custom skits tied to the themes of your meetings. We will work directly with you and your team to ensure your message is reinforced, your team is engaged, everyone is entertained, and the energy level is maintianded from the beginning of the meeting until the end.


Improv Classes and Workshops
Learn the art of Improv and its business applications in a one-day workshop or through a custom series of courses for your team. Learning and applying the "Yes, and" method will break down barriers and present a new way of listening. Utilizing these methods eliminates traditional top-down communication and heirarchical roles; as well as providing the principles for your team to breakthrough. The result; new ideas, new motivation, and a new way of thinking.


Presentation Coaching
When owning the room, means owning your destiny. The difference between good and mediocre public speaking and giving presentations can mean the difference between winning that piece of business, getting the promotion, or inspiring a crowd. Inspiration Corporation can help you apply the principles of Improv to get the response you are looking for and the reverence you deserve.

Who We Are

Kevin Crowley has been a professional actor and successful playwright for more than 30 years, experiencing success in television, film, and theater alike.

Following his graduation from James Madison University (English/Journalism), Kevin started his career by moving to Chicago to study improvisation, and he was hired by the world renowned improvisational theater, Second City, in 1985. Kevin directed several productions at Second City with Steve Carrel and Amy Sedaris as cast members.

At this time SC was launching its corporate services division and Kevin was an integral part of that successful enterprise. Working with clients like Arthur Anderson, McDonalds and Leo Burnett, Kevin recognized the usefulness of improv in a business setting and began to hone his approach to bridging the gap between comedy and business.

Kevin is active in theater in both Chicago and Cincinnati, and has served faculty rolls at CCM Prepatory Dept. and has taught at NKU and Xavier University. Since returning to Cincinnati, though, he has rediscovered his passion and talent for translating principles of improvisational theater to business audiences, and has experienced success in training, coaching, and corporate events.

TV Appearances

  • A co-starring role on the CBS sit-com, The Boy’s Are Back
  • CSI
  • Reba
  • Without a Trace
  • Murphy Brown
  • Drew Carey
  • Malcom in the Middle
  • Boy Meets World
  • Dragnet
  • Push, Nevada
  • Jeff Foxworthy
  • Grace Under Fire

Film Appearances

  • Major League I and II
  • The Fugitive
  • Backdraft
  • Hoffa
  • Suicide Kings
  • The Package

Past Clients

Brown Forman
Leo Burnett

Are you ready to learn how improv can help your business?

Whether you are a business, consultant, event planner, or individual; Inspiration Corporation can help you break through. We would love to hear from you.